What Color is Best For Your Rooms?

I remember an episode from my life that is related to the idea of using colors in your house. A few years back I spent a few months abroad and when I returned home I found my room colored in a bright yellow. I don’t want to express how much I hate yellow and how much I think this is a painful non-color. But I had to adjust to it because the painting of the house happened just once a year.

In the end it wasn’t so bad, but I must say that I wish I had this coloring chart to show my mother before she started her painting mission.

Usually colors have three major functions: passive, active and neutral. These can be matched with one’s desires, tastes or the purpose of the room. For instance, the light colors are more airy and they can give your rooms a brighter and larger appearance. On the other hand, dark colors are warm and more elegant, giving rooms a more intimate feeling.

Speaking of yellow, this is considered to be a color of happiness and joy that should be used particularly for dining rooms, bathrooms and kitchens because it gives extra energy to those inside. However (and mom, if you are reading this, please pay extra attention to this section), when used in large amounts, yellow creates the feeling of frustration and irritation. It feels good to be right!

Purple on the other hand is more sophisticated and suggests creativity. Lighter versions of this color (lavender or liliac) bring a sense of calm and relaxation to one’s bedroom. It has pretty much the same effects as blue, but the only difference is that blue can also make the room a bit chilly especially if it doesn’t receive lots of natural light.

Discover more about colors in the infographic below. And answer me just one question: isn’t it yellow the ugliest color you’ve ever seen?

Photo source: paintersoflouisville.com
Photo source: paintersoflouisville.com

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