How to Feng Shui Your Office


Creativity and productivity aren’t always inborn talents. They sometimes need to be stimulated and helped to develop and lead to the creation of better things. Can Feng Shui be the answer to one’s questions related to success?
Maybe. I guess you will never know until you try it.

Arranging your office in the Feng Shui style is not complicated if you follow a few simple steps. This way the objects you own on the office will work together in order to give away a positive vibe that influences you to work better. A few of the secrets that influence one’s chi (energy) are available to anyone who wants to try them.

1. Eliminate clutter – clutter suggests unfinished business, disorganization, and postponed jobs.  And as we all know, chaos breeds chaos. A suggestion would be to follow the pattern presented in the picture below.

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Photo source:

2.  Orient your desk – try to place your desk in an opposite direction from the front door. This is called a “commanding position” and it inspires you to take the lead in projects and it gives you the possibility to see all the opportunities that might come knocking at your door. If it’s impossible for you to rearange your office in order to face the main door, place a small mirror that can reflect the entrance of the office.

3. Find a balance – when it comes to decorating your office always try to have in mind a certain balance between yin and yang. Whether we are talking about colors (light/dark), surfaces (soft/hard) or textures, make sure you have a little bit of both.


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4. Add some green – aside from the extra oxygen that will help you work better, an ornamental plant or a small flower can beautify your office and stabilize the flow of chi energy. You can opt for a lemon balm, basil or thyme.

5. Choose the right desk – your desk has to be big enough to allow you to work efficiently but not so big that it denies you access to the items existent on your desk. This might make you lose control over your business.

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