How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Home

Colors are extremely important in one’s life because they can influence the mood of a person. If you want to stimulate your brain you choose a certain color, if you want to calm down you choose another color. This doesn’t mean that you should turn your house into a real rainbow. Certainly not! But you should remember that there are some interesting combinations of colors and shades that can help you create a homogeneous environment. Preferably one that can stimulate your creativity!

How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Home
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For the office

When you think about decorating the office you have to take into account the activity that will happen there. If your work will imply a lot of stress, you should go with light and calming colors. But if your activity implies a daily routine, you should go with live colors to offer you the right boost of energy. Keep in mind that red is often associated with vitality, energy and emotions. So if you want to receive force and creativity every time you start working, go with red or other strong colors.

For the bedroom

For the bedroom always choose colder or darker shades. Blue is a great example because it induces sleep and relaxes you. The same goes for light green or violet. These colors will relax your mind and body, but make sure you don’t exaggerate because you might go in the opposite direction. Too much blue can cause depression and melancholy. And while a relaxing atmosphere is everything you need in a bedroom, depression is not exactly fun!

For the kitchen

White is always a good idea when it comes to decorating your kitchen. This goes best with furniture colored in light shades (light blue, cream, green or yellow). Just remember that white is also a very sensitive color that can get dirty very fast. So compromise and go with a light, but clean color (light brown or a combination of light and dark brown).

For the bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom remember to select livelier colors for the walls if the floor comes with darker shades. So if the floor is dark, paint your walls in yellow or blue.

The colors existent in your house need to induce joy, excitement but also peace and serenity, depending on your personality. So choose the color that you will want to see every single day!

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