Feng Shui your desk


As you may know, the art of Feng Shui can be applied to any room or space in your home. Working hard from your home? Using your desk as your work place? Maybe it’s time to take into account the benefits of Feng Shui-ing your desk.

As much as possible, if your home is your also your office, you need to separate the two, to avoid the two lives becoming too entwined – your work and home lives. When using a separate door to get into your office isn’t possible, try and have the workspace next to either the front or back door; if that isn’t possible, you should invest in a screen or some gloriously large plants to separate both worlds.

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Home offices are much harder to keep inspiring – they often get left till last on the cleaning rota, sometimes are entirely neglected, so clutter builds quickly. On the advice of feng shui pundits, go for a little walk before you start work and when you’re finished so you put a break between each life. Before you walk away from your workspace, neaten and tidy it, so returning is a pleasure and not a headache – there is little as motivating as a well-organised workspace. A clean, tidy desk allows the free flow of energy through your room, which will benefit your work.

Instead of having your desk with a window behind, place it so the sunlight can flood over your desk from the side – some say from the east, others prefer so that your writing arm doesn’t block the light. Clean the windows regularly to allow as much light in as possible – and with it, inspiration and energy.

What you don’t need on your desk, clear away. Store papers and books neatly, on dust-free shelves in folders or boxes, so they’re easy to access, easy to clean, and allow easy flow of energy. Make piles of your papers – sort them into those that are complete and those that still need your attention. Clutter-free environment equals clutter-free head.

Fundamentally, feng shui is an awareness of environment. Productivity and success is the natural result of a well-organised, frequently cleaned workspace.

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