Feng Shui Design Tips for Good Luck


Everyone wants to have a lot of good luck and prosperity. For this, they use different tips, tricks or ideas that can help their life and house become a bit luckier. According to various Feng Shui principles, turning your house into a spring of good luck and wealth is achievable as long as you follow some simple rules.

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Don’t be so quick to dismiss this theory. You might be surprised to discover that the rules applicable in Feng Shui can make your house a money magnet. This is how you can make that happen!

The most important thing is to select the paint for your rooms. This has to be one that can inspire optimism or wellbeing. Or both! If you go with happy colors you will boost your daily dose of energy and you will make your life more pleasant.

  • Sunshine

Make sure that your home or apartment receives lots of sunshine during the day. Do you really want to spend your days in a dark and dull house? I think not! The houses that invite the sun’s rays are more appealing and they can truly be called homes.

  • Love

Everyone knows that love and red go hand in hand. This is why you have to purchase something red and put it in your bedroom. In addition to this you can also put a bowl in your bedroom and put a coin in it every single day. This will enhance good luck and wellbeing and it will make you feel like you are visiting Fontana di Trevi.

  • Professional

In order to enhance success, the specialists in this field suggest that you create a professional corner in your house. Here you can arrange al your degrees, diplomas, awards, trophies, etc.

And last but not least, don’t forget to maintain the center of the house clean and without any objects. The energy starts here so you will need it to be free of clutter. These are simple rules that can be applied by anyone! Do you want to give them a try?

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