Did You Find the Right Color Combinations?

What color do you like best for your bedroom? Does this color has a special significance?

You can breath relaxed right now because you don’t have to be stuck to a single color for the rest of your life. You can combine multiple colors, but the secret is in the way you combine them. Of course, getting together colors like orange and green might stick your eye a bit but if you find the balance it is important to remain faithful to it. Take a look at the following 5 suggestions of color combinations and tell us what you think.

Top 5 Color Combinations

1. Pink and Copper

Copper is a warm metal which can easily give your bedroom an elegant look. It can be related to the masculine side and it surely adds a shade of manhood into the design. Meanwhile, pink is a feminine color that can look fantastic with copper and can give it a sweet looking contrast.

Imagini pentru Pink and Copper bedroom

2. Grey and Blue – no, it’s not a scene from 50 Shades I’m talking about. But I do think that you can get an elegant combination of colors that can work wonderfully with a classic and a conservative ambiance. Royal blue and majestic grey can do magic together.

Photo source: designbuildideas.eu
Photo source: designbuildideas.eu

3. Gray, Taupe and Pink

This palette is kissed by the sun. It’s so warm and relaxing that it would probably convince me to stay in me bedroom all day long. If you are a sea addict and live to see every sunset and every sunrise, this is the excellent choice for you. The combination of colors will make you sleep better and it will help you wake up relaxed and well-rested.

Imagini pentru Gray, Taupe and Pink

4. Green and Brown

….are sitting in a tree. If you are a nature lover you will choose this combination because it will remind you of the forest green and the earthy brown. Some might consider it a bit too strong but when the natural light is invited to come in, the scenery changes completely and it gives a very balanced atmosphere.

Imagini pentru Green and Brown bedroom

5. Orange and Blue

Now, you need some guts to get this combination right. Who says that just the primary colors are worth your attention? Get this light blue matched up with the burning orange and you will awaken senses that you didn’t even know you had.

Imagini pentru Orange and Blue bedroom

What’s your favorite combination of colors? Do you think these are too strong to be added into one’s bedroom?

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