7 Feng Shui Rules for Your Baby’s Nursery

So you’ve decided to adopt the Feng Shui way of life. Good for you! Now that you have found the way to keep your life in balance by absorbing positive energy, try doing the same for your baby’s nursery. Letting your baby live in an environment that promotes positive energy while eliminating the negative one is the perfect way to raise a happy and healthy child.

The Most Important Feng Shui Rules for a Nursery

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1. Large mirrors – this is a “don’t” kind of rule. Try to avoid large mirrors (the closet mirror is also out of the equation). If you already have them and don’t want to make any drastic change try covering the them with some wallpaper. This way your little one will fall asleep looking at a pretty picture.

2. Light and space – this is a rule that should apply not only to the baby’s room but to any room in your house. The brighter the natural light, the better. In addition to this also remember to put small furniture in your baby’s room. This will create the sensation of wider space and it will generate a sense of awareness and self-confidence for the little one.

3. Colors – everyone needs a bit of color in their lives. Especially the little ones! Colors will help build their personalities and temperaments. Red is stimulating (encourages learning), pink promotes curiosity, yellow supports the cheerfulness of a child, green and blue stand for growth and natural thus they support mental development and induce the sensation of calm.

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4. Plants – bamboo is the most famous type of plant that is believed to be able to influence the faith of a person. If bamboo is not your thing, search plants that have rounded and smooth leaves and place them in the baby’s room, out of reach of course.

5. Birthday – the birthday of your baby can also influence the way in which he or she develops. This chart might help you decide how you want your baby’s room to look like!

6. Fish -you might not find Nemo, but fish represent the calm of the water and they are said to influence the wisdom and destiny of your little one. Even a plush toy can keep your baby calm and happy.

7. Crib – the position of the crib is also important. The Feng Shui tradition supports placing the crib in a diagonal position with the door, placing just the head board against the wall. In addition to this, positioning the crib so that it faces north will help your little one sleep better. You can use the same rules in vacation, if you want to have a nice trip with your baby.

May the Feng Shui rules be with you!

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