5 Tips to Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

Everyone designs or decorates their house according to their personal taste and desires. So no one is entitled to pass judgments on others. But a thing that most people reject is clutter. I remember that when I used to live with my parents our house would look always so small and crowded. Why? Because we were two little hoarders that kept things because “you never know when you might need them.”

I know!!! (to be read in Monica’s -Friends voice).

Thank God that now I’ve become allergic to this and I’m trying everything I can in order to keep my house as spacious as possible. And when this is not realizable from one reason or another then I try to apply some of the following tips.

5 Important Tips to Make Rooms Look Bigger

1. Lighting – this is the key element that will help you open up your rooms and make them look bigger. Normally, natural lighting is recommended in this case because it can change the atmosphere in your rooms in a significant manner. Large windows are a great option in this case because they permit the light to enter. But don’t worry if you don’t have the possibility to get natural light inside; artificial one can also do wonders. Lamps are perfect for that!

Photo source: freshome.com

2. Furniture – move furniture around. Don’t put too many pieces of furniture in a small room. For example instead of a huge sofa go with a love seat, two medium chairs or even two smaller wood chairs. A good idea if you don’t want to constantly run into these chairs is to place them somewhere next to the wall. This way you will only bring them to the center when you need them and leave the space free when you don’t! However, don’t forget that exaggerating with small pieces of furniture can also create the sensation of clutter. So it’s better to add bigger pieces, but not exaggerate.

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3. Mirrors – finally people won’t call me an egocentric narcissist anymore. Mirrors have an actual purpose when it comes to creating a widening effect. When doing this arrangement try finding a focal point and angling the mirrors towards it. With the help of mirrors the light will infiltrate the light deeper into the room and it will create the sensation of spaciousness. You can also try placing the mirror so as to reflect the outdoors.

Photo source: beufl.com
Photo source: beufl.com

4. Ceiling – making your room look bigger can also be acquired through height, not only through width. By painting your ceiling in a bright color you will manage to force the eye to look upward and create the illusion of a high ceiling. The same trick works for the walls. You can paint them in the different shades of one single color in order to make the room look larger. Not to mention that it is a great idea if you have no inspiration for designs.

Photo source: nanachill.com
Photo source: nanachill.com

5. Multifunctional  pieces Рthis is an exceptional rule that will help your house look bigger and it will bring a plus of originality and usefulness in your life. Invest in furniture that can have multiple functions. For example an ottoman that has a blank space is fantastic at storing your blankets or your books.

Photo source: stylecaster.com
Photo source: stylecaster.com

What other tips do you have for creating the illusion of a larger space?

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