5 Things To Bring Good Luck Into Your House

They say you don’t need to have money or even to work hard in order to get what you want. I remember my mother used to tell me that she hoped I had a bit of luck in life. To this I used to say that I wish to be healthy instead of being lucky. And then she would replay: all the passengers on Titanic were healthy, but few of them were lucky.

Of course health is extremely important because you cannot do anything without it. But having a bit of luck can mark the difference between having everything you’ve wanted and being so close to it. There are lots of suggestions that designers and Feng Shui adepts recommend people to bring into their houses.

Take a look at the most useful ones. And also the easiest to put into practice.

Top 5 Good Luck Practices for Your House

1. Horseshoes – in a lot of places horseshoes are recognized as a sign of good fortune. In this case, the opinions are divided between those who believe that the horseshoe must be pointing upwards in order to block the luck from running out while others thing that the horseshoe should be facing downwards, spreading luck on whoever crosses the threshold.

Photo source: transmet.com
Photo source: transmet.com

2. Fresh flowers – this tip is the easiest to accomplish. Put fresh flowers into your house but make sure you don’t have thorns because these might block the flow of chi.

3. Color of your door – apparently the color of your door can influence the way or the amount of good luck that enters your life. According to Feng Shui rules, the doors that face towards South must be painted in bright colors like red or orange, the ones facing north must be black or blue, the west orientated one have to be white or gray, while the ones facing the east in colors like green and brown.

4. Lucky symbols – people choose symbols because they give the false reassurance that a powerful force is protecting them through this symbols. Specialists say that dragons bring luck into the professional field, bamboos attract money and wealth if they are places at the front entrance, Fu dogs protect the home and wealth, while the turtle dragon is the sign of great luck and wealth.

Photo source: feng-shui-tips-for-wealth.com
Photo source: feng-shui-tips-for-wealth.com

5. Lighting for Chi Energy – you don’t have to focus just on natural lighting. Bring some lamps or overhead lighting to the table but make sure you don’t exaggerate. Avoid placing too many doors or windows in a room because these are the places where the chi energy moves. Over-usage will make the chi energy chaotic and unhealthy.

What other tips do you use to bring good luck into your house?

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