10 Plants That Improve Your Indoor Air Quality


The quality of your indoor air is extremely important taking into account that this is where you spend most of your leisure time. So you have to make sure it doesn’t hurt you but offers a plus of protection for you and your family. Even NASA studied houseplants during the late 80s with the purpose of obtaining a cleaner air for the space stations. Their experiments have taught us a lot of useful things.

The Plants That Purify the Indoor Air

1. Aloe Vera – this is a perfect plant for healing burns and cuts but also for improving the quality of the air. It removes benzene, a substance that can be found in chemical cleaners or paint.

2. Spider Plant – you will recognize this plant by its tiny white flowers and by its ability to fight formaldehyde, benzene and xylene (a solvent that is most often used in the construction of rubber and leather products).

3. English Ivy – if you have pets in your house, this plant is amazing because it reduces the amount of airborne fecal matters. It is also very good at absorbing the benzene that is normally found in the office equipment.

4. Gerber Daisy – did you know that dry cleaning also affects the quality of your indoor air? This lovely plant can remove the trichloroethylene that is brought in by dry cleaning. Just make sure you can offer it plenty of light.

5. Eucalyptus – the leaves of this plant are filled with tannins, elements that can raise the fluids found in the body’s air passages. By keeping a plant like this in your house you can prevent colds and diminish the respiratory problems.

6. Chrysanthemum – colorful and vivid, these flowers can brighten your home and can filter benzene (found in plastic, paint and detergent). But just as in the case of the Gerber daisy, it needs a lot of direct sunlight.

Photo source: inhabitat.com
Photo source: inhabitat.com

7. African Violets – their purple color can help with the adrenaline release and can support oxygen flow in the house and to your brain.  Taking care of it is not hard at all because they can also grow well with artificial light.

8. Azalea – this rich shrub can fight against the formaldehyde that appears from foam insulation. This plant likes its cool so if you have a bit of light in the basement you can use it to improve the air there.

9. Golden Pothos – another great ally against formaldehyde. It grows very fast and it eliminates the toxic effects of the car exhaust therefore it’s perfect for your garage.

10. Boston Fern – the ferns are very common houseplants and they are loved for their beauty and healthy features. They are better than humidifiers because they are natural and can restore moisture in the air, removing at the same time the traces of formaldehyde. Just remember to keep it in the sunlight and you will be able to enjoy it for a very long time.

Which one is your favorite?

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