10 Luxurious Celebrity Houses

Have you ever wondered how the house of a celebrity looks like? Do they live like regular people or do they have bathroom handles covered in gold? I would like to say that’s outrageous, but just a sneak peak at the reality shows broadcast nowadays makes us remember that we live in a very weird world. I’ve chosen 10 celebrities and their unique houses. Just to see how others live. Nothing to worry about.

1. Pink – is one of the coolest singers of the moment and she really seems to have it all: a great husband, an adorable daughter and a gigantic house in Malibu. Since the only thing here for sale is the house, we’re going to focus on that. For the whooping price of 13,955,000, this 6 bedroom offers luxury features and a lot of space to stretch your feet (assuming you’re a giant).

2. Jennifer Aniston – the beautiful actress is only satisfied with the best so it’s normal for her house to look just as impressive as her body.

3. Paris Hilton – the blonde heiress has a fantastic house in Beverly Hills that was featured in the movie “The Bling Ring”, starring Emma Watson and Leslie Mann. Due to her fame and luxury, her house has been broken in 7 times. So far!

4. Bruce Willis – all we can say about Bruce Willis’ house is that it reminds us of the Golden days of the Spanish charm. It has a tile roof, arched doorways and a unique courtyard.

5. Lauren Conrad – the beautiful house of this great TV star was featured in MTV’s The Hills. Although it was built in 1920s, the house was recently renovated but in tone with the old-times charm .

6. Britney Spears – divas are still divas and Britney Spears is no exception. Her $8.5 million home is located in Thousand Oaks, California and it looks mighty impressive.

7. Jennifer Lopez – this hot celebrity owns a house in The Hamptons which was estimated at approximately $15,000,000.

8. Miley Cirus – it’s hard to say what I owned when I was Miley’s age. Maybe a Barbie doll or a piece of gum in my hair. But definitely not a $3.9 million house in Studio City, California.

9. Kenny Rogers – the “Liongate Estate” is located in Bel Air and it has been inhabited by many celebrities before. Now, it’s time for the famous singer to call this place “home.”

10. Alicia Keys – you can always expect the house of an artist to be marked by his or her personal taste. And Alicia’s print in the main entrance is simply divine.

What do you think about these celebrity houses?

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